A Haunted Doll

Add us to your RSS reader and bookmark us to stay updated with the latest antique doll Details of the above video:This doll was given to me a few weeks ago by a friend. He originaly got this doll from an antique shop and gave it to his 12 years old daughter who love old dolls (she has approx 15 of them in her bedroom). But after only two days his daughter told him she was scared of this doll and that the doll was "grinning its teeth" at night... My friend knew about my Youtube video and asked me if i would try to find a new owner for this doll for him...so here i am with a second "haunted doll" video ... Check back tomorrow for more antique doll and vintage doll collecting tips and dolls for sale.

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11 Responses to “A Haunted Doll”

  1. Wavatar AlexDraco Says:

    Nice video. This one doll looks very aged… But indeed, that doesn’t mean its automatically haunted. It does have a creepy look, though, so perhaps you friend’s daughter is only very sensitive, or has a fertile imagination.


  2. Wavatar candylius101 Says:

    this shit look scary though


  3. Wavatar kunzangnamdjial Says:

    i agree with you that old does not mean hauted, and i havent had any manifestation here from this doll
    The only thing that make me a bit surprised is that this girl simply love old dolls and has many other in her bedroom (some even more ugly than this one) and never complained about them….weird


  4. Wavatar jah3986 Says:

    what was that noise at the end? anybody notice that? It would have sounded like he was moving his/her foot across the wooden floor,but he was completely still.


  5. Wavatar GARYMOORElover Says:

    weird doll, but she looks woth somehing


  6. Wavatar Radenchika Says:

    So have you sold that doll yet if you haven’t how much you asking for it?


  7. Wavatar CatpurrRobertaBobbi Says:

    You have to make friends who can give you nicer dolls! Does that doll have eyeglasses ? There is a reflection.


  8. Wavatar FaithsFreedom Says:

    I have a phobia of dolls. I had some bad experiences when I was really little with them, demons would move the dolls and talk through them I was only like 3 or 4.


  9. Wavatar luluhunt97 Says:

    spirits can go inside dolls they take naything that looks more relastic :) sometimes they r to shy to come out


  10. Wavatar Wendy Duncan Says:

    Hi there I just wondered if you still had this haunted vintage doll? As I would be very interested in buying her from you.
    Kind regards


  11. Wavatar paranormalgranny Says:

    Is this doll available for sale?


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