Antique Japanese Girls Day Doll – Hina Matsuri Ningyo

Add us to your RSS reader and bookmark us to stay updated with the latest antique doll Details of the above video:Description Antique Japanese Girl's Day archer doll with wooden display base. This old doll is in poor to fair condition with chips, marks, cracks and scratches on the body, head and limbs and worn and faded fabric. The wooden base is also worn with marks and scratches. The doll dates from the early to mid 20th century and may be missing its original accessories. Modern Girl's Day dolls include bodies which are often made of plastic or other composite materials, while old dolls such as this ... Check back tomorrow for more antique doll and vintage doll collecting tips and dolls for sale.

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  1. Wavatar sithlordess Says:

    Beautiful doll. I have one like it and I have seen them in much worse condition too.


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