Collectible Barbie Dolls – Guide For Doll Collectors

Barbie has been one of the most popular dolls and for almost fifty years has been a part of every girl’s wish list for Christmas or other special occasions. She has also been one of the best seller toys online and one of the hottest collectible toys.

According to Mattel, manufacturer of Barbie, there are already more than 100,000 Barbie collectors around the world. Roughly ninety percent are women in their early 40’s, buying around twenty Barbie dolls and spending $1000 or more every year.

At auction, vintage Barbie dolls from earliest production are the most successful. In 1959, original Barbie was sold for $3.00. In 2004, Barbie in mint box from 1959 was sold for around $3552. And in 2006, a Midnight Red Barbie doll from 1965 was sold for $17,000, which actually set a world record.

Looking back, Mattel has sold a lot of Barbie dolls particularly to collectors. Barbie dolls sold included vintage reproductions, dolls based from characters in television series like Star Trek and The Munsters, and porcelain versions.

Barbie dolls in various ethnic identities were also sold and became great collectors’ items. Barbie dolls ranging through gold, pink, silver, and platinum were also sold due of course for the effort of Mattel in introducing the Color Tier system for its collector’s edition.

Aside from Barbie, companions created by Mattel for her were also successfully sold to collectors. These include African American Christie, Steven (boyfriend of Christie), Midge, and Hispanic Teresa. Dolls created to become her siblings and cousins also appeared to be very appealing to collectors. These include Francie, Todd (twin brother of Tutti and Stacie), Stacie (twin sister of Todd), Tutti (twin sister of Todd), Jazzie, Krissy, Skipper, and Kelly.

This year, Mattel celebrates Barbie’s continued success for 50 years. Barbie was actually launched March of 1959.

As Barbie celebrates her 50th anniversary this year, collectors also celebrate as Mattel released new reproduction of 1959 Barbie doll, the original. Many collectors were filled with joy with Mattel’s decision about the 1959 Barbie doll. And in the coming years, they are expecting that Mattel will release new productions of some other well-loved Barbie dolls for them to joy.

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