Collector’s Community

It's now easier than ever to connect with your fellow antique doll enthusiasts. We're building a community for doll collectors right here within the Vintage Doll Shoppe!

It's quick and easy to create your profile and start connecting today with your fellow collectors. And it's free, of course! It's a great way to find that missing piece or get acquainted with a restoration expert for that special doll that needs some TLC, etc. Further, the "online" friends you make might turn into "offline" friends as well to meet up with for collector's events. And even if you never meet them "offline", it can be a lot of fun having an online friend, especially if they are across the country or even around the world! Last, but not least, it's an opportunity to help and be helped as everyone shares their knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you inside....

(Coming Soon!)