How to Collect Antique Dolls : Antique Dolls: Vynil Puppets

Add us to your RSS reader and bookmark us to stay updated with the latest antique doll Details of the above video:An expert teaches you what to look for in Vynil Puppets including tips and tricks in this free video about collectible dolls.Expert: Jan Braunstein Bio: Jan Braunstein owns and operates the Antique Avenue antiques store in Pomona, Calif. Her mother also owned an antiques store. She is a certified antique appraiser. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan Check back tomorrow for more antique doll and vintage doll collecting tips and dolls for sale.

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2 Responses to “How to Collect Antique Dolls : Antique Dolls: Vynil Puppets”

  1. Wavatar cltdocmd Says:

    The first vinyl ventriloquist dummy shown is Mortimore Snerd. He was one of Charlie McCarthy’s sidekicks and made famous by Edgar Bergen in the 1930′s. His “buddy” is Danny O’Day who was one of ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson’s dummies. Both were made by Juro/Eegee/Goldberger from the 60′s until present day.


  2. Wavatar muppetspuppets Says:

    Charlie Macgillacady!? omg how offensive!!
    This woman didn’t do any research!


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