Rasputina~ Antique High Heel Red Doll Shoes

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7 Responses to “Rasputina~ Antique High Heel Red Doll Shoes”

  1. Wavatar tromachick Says:

    the gwen imagery goes surprisingly well with this rasputina song :)


  2. Wavatar usedmisfit Says:

    I love this video, Song goes so well with the video : )


  3. Wavatar richragsdale Says:

    interesting – i wouldn’t think to combine rasputina and gwen stephani
    but you did a nice job


  4. Wavatar VelvaRed Says:

    YAY I LOVE GWEN!!!!! Fantastic work on this!


  5. Wavatar VelvaRed Says:

    YAy! I love gwen and marilyn!! So awesome I love the song too.. Nice


  6. Wavatar nbvarocks Says:

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Wavatar theAwesomeBug Says:

    very good it even vocalizes with the song it looks like it is for the song! very good!


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