Steiner in Action – Upright at last

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11 Responses to “Steiner in Action – Upright at last”

  1. Wavatar CocteauTwinsAddict Says:

    I love it. A terrifying, beautiful creation.


  2. Wavatar sissychrissy66 Says:

    I’m gonna have nightmares from this.


  3. Wavatar jflan92 Says:

    No matter how far this antique doll walked for over a hundred years, she’s still fat judging by her rosy big cheeks!


  4. Wavatar Mikeyboy609 Says:

    from an antique perspective it is beautiful but I have to admit I can see this type of doll in a horror movie :) We can call it “Fury of the dolls” or the “parisian horror” if it is a parisian doll of course :)


  5. Wavatar queenofitall2007 Says:

    I love this. What an amazing doll. I could definitely see where she might scare people though lol.


  6. Wavatar littleonev Says:

    I would be proud to have a tiny little bisque finger from a steiner! Yeesh what a valuable doll!


  7. Wavatar littleonev Says:

    Especially automated!


  8. Wavatar cherrystream Says:

    so sweet. i want to sleep with her :)


  9. Wavatar NekoCat86 Says:

    Beautiful doll!


  10. Wavatar AlessaGuillespieLee Says:

    Creepy but beautiful!


  11. Wavatar artsaveslives77 Says:

    Should I be concerned? I’m crying laughing at this thing! It’s like… this horrible creepy doll… and THAT’s the sound that comes out of it?!? No chainsaw? (Hi Amy and Helena!)


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