Simply Charming Barbie

While this Barbie isn't "old", she is, true to her name, "Simply Charming"! So when I had a chance to lock in a deal with a wholesale supplier to pass along the savings to our Barbie fans here, I moved quickly.

This special edition Simply Charming Barbie doll is a vision of elegance and beauty. With parasol in hand Barbie strolls along a winding garden path. Her beautiful gown with its floral print and flower at the waist is like a garden in full bloom. The generous brim of her picture hat with its whisper of tulle shades her face. The pretty, gold-toned girl-sized charm bracelet features a picture hat charm reminiscent of the lovely hat worn by Simply Charming Barbie.

If you collect Barbie, I recommend you check out the special order page set up so you can grab one while they're still available and at this special price. I can't say how long they will be available at this special pricing, but one thing is certain--when they're gone, they're gone, so if you want one, don't hesitate!