Vintage Barbie Doll Collection

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15 Responses to “Vintage Barbie Doll Collection”

  1. Wavatar mew4fun Says:

    are any of these reproductions??

    cool vid!


  2. Wavatar kitkat1961 Says:

    They are all vintage.LOL


  3. Wavatar SelenaGal9 Says:

    I have one of the dolls she has


  4. Wavatar kittnluver Says:

    Very nice! I collect the 1960′s MOD Barbies with rooted eyelashes. Nice video! Take care!


  5. Wavatar bratzfanatica1 Says:

    no son barbies


  6. Wavatar kendallhoty Says:

    i seen a lot of thos thaey like braly cost none thay would be 4 dolers and low price well in thos days that was a lot of mony my mom only had 8 barbies and some she cepp in the case and never opn them baut she like only gave me 4 out of the box and i keep relly good care to and nice collection (;


  7. Wavatar TropicalBumb Says:

    whats the the brand name of the barbie on time 1:01


  8. Wavatar TropicalBumb Says:

    also the barbies name on time 1:35 because im gonna be a barbie for halloween so i would like to know the brand name


  9. Wavatar jaykayco Says:



  10. Wavatar jaykayco Says:



  11. Wavatar TheInternetDork1999 Says:

    I have a collection to. Not as much at all as yours. i love this vid :)


  12. Wavatar VintageBarbie12356 Says:

    How many do you have?


  13. Wavatar hollywoodartchick Says:

    She was my fave. I had the black Francie with auburn hair. My sisters gave her a haircut >:(


  14. Wavatar Anniethecoolone Says:

    i am a vintage barbie collector so i am very impressed with your collection, but if i were to get technical not all of it is considered vintage. vintage barbie collectors only consider things from 1959-1972 to be vintage some of ur things were made later, but it’s still an awesome collection i love it!


  15. Wavatar Anniethecoolone Says:

    omg i am so jelous! 2:43 u have the cinderella costumes from the barbie little theater!


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