Vintage Chatty Cathy toy doll TV Commercial 1960′s

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13 Responses to “Vintage Chatty Cathy toy doll TV Commercial 1960′s”

  1. Wavatar nuzzi7 Says:

    wee– i have still have mine


  2. Wavatar Sandy4111 Says:

    This is kinda creepy….


  3. Wavatar PeanertGallery Says:

    i think i want her now


  4. Wavatar paulmick2006 Says:

    that is the voice of June Foray—-Rocky the Flying Squirrel; Witch Hazel; Natasha;many others


  5. Wavatar 6motion6 Says:

    Dolls should be seen, not heard


  6. Wavatar WETNWILD85 Says:

    I LOVE this commercial. The doll looks and sounds creepy though. I LOVE classic commercials. I can’t stand todays so called commercials.


  7. Wavatar blahahaha55 Says:

    OMG i think old commercials r WAY cooler


  8. Wavatar Orochichi Says:

    -_- I’m so embarassed…. MY name is Cathy… if I find out that my mom had one of these dolls when she was a kid, I’ll scream.


  9. Wavatar lejink Says:

    next time u see mom, u should spit out the things this doll says. see if she reacts, u can catch her just by the look on her face


  10. Wavatar 001hinata001 Says:

    my friend’s name is cathy. now im going to sing this song to her and bug her about this doll. >D


  11. Wavatar 1952kid Says:

    My wife has six chatties, 1959 and 1960 dolls, and chatty baby brother and sister and tiny chatty brother and sister. Santa never gave her one,so now she finally got them all.


  12. Wavatar mikey42 Says:

    Maureen McCormick provided the voice for Chatty Cathy – I think.


  13. Wavatar ravenez0 Says:

    Wow mom, way to go on dressing them all all nice and warm.


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