Check Out This Vintage Doll

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6 Responses to “Check Out This Vintage Doll”

  1. Wavatar cockyanddoughnut Says:

    man i totally had one of these and i threw her down the stiars cuz she wouldnt stop crying lol


  2. Wavatar lilshorrtee Says:

    I wanted that doll more than anything when I was 3…never got it!!


  3. Wavatar carmelprettyboi Says:

    Aww I wanted this sooo bad!


  4. Wavatar fuzzypeach64 Says:

    LMFAO i still have mines in perfect condition


  5. Wavatar Rareed63 Says:

    I remember the Christmas of 1991 I drove all over to find this for my 4 year old daughter. I drove to IN OH and all over KY I finally had a woman call me from the florence mall it was 75 miles from me she said if I wasn’t there in an HR she would sell it I drove 85 MPH I got the doll. I left the Mall with the Doll over my head like I had just won the Lottery. I remember when Christmas morning arrived everyone in the family that had daughters were asking where I got it? My daughter was the envy.


  6. Wavatar eridaniblack Says:

    I asked for this when it came out (I was 4 or 5), and when I got it, I cried like heck. Apparently, I was afraid of it. ^^;


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