Vintage Japanese Doll Glass Case Kimono Woman Figurine

Add us to your RSS reader and bookmark us to stay updated with the latest vintage doll Details of the above video:Description This Japanese figure dates from the mid to late Showa period (1926-1989) and is in good condition and mounted in a glass case. The case has some marks and scratches from handling though is otherwise in good shape. Size: Height of figure (excluding glass case): 3.5 inches (9.0 centimeters) Height of glass case: 4.7 inches (12.0 centimeters) Weight: 5.7 ounces (162 grams) item code: R1S4-0004636 ship code: L1650 Check back tomorrow for more antique doll and vintage doll collecting tips and dolls for sale.

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  1. Wavatar CountFangula Says:

    Thats a beautiful little doll!


  2. Wavatar sakur0414 Says:

    Very kind and helpful!Thank you for showing so much information about the Girl’s Day!


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