Why I like something I like Antique Dolls

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13 Responses to “Why I like something I like Antique Dolls”

  1. Wavatar atomarane Says:

    That was so nice Carrie – thanks for playing along. :)


  2. Wavatar ragged07 Says:

    wow this is fantastic! So beautiful!


  3. Wavatar wolffenhaus Says:

    what lovely ladies. so right about us shy ones. Dolls mean alot.


  4. Wavatar GrannyMaesPlace Says:

    I loved this video. I collect old dolls too, Im not lucky or rich enough to own any French Bisk, but I do have a few German datting from the late 1800s, most of mine date from the 20s to the 50s, but I love each and every one of them.


  5. Wavatar Llzdd Says:

    Your dolls are beautiful, Carrie. You are so right that each one has a story to tell and should be appreciated for their individuality/uniqiness just like us!


  6. Wavatar EVPClassABC Says:

    I actually enjoyed doing it (because it’s something I like hee hee).


  7. Wavatar EVPClassABC Says:

    Thanks and I want to chat with you about something!!


  8. Wavatar atomarane Says:

    That was the whole point. :D Thanks again for doing it – the dolls are so beautiful.


  9. Wavatar EVPClassABC Says:

    Thank you. German character dolls are among my favorites actually, but generally if it’s old and pretty I will find a place for it :-)


  10. Wavatar EVPClassABC Says:

    I almost didn’t do it because I thought I’d have to do a speech and it’s not exactly paranormal 8-) But I’m glad it seemed to go over well so thanks for looking!


  11. Wavatar EVPClassABC Says:

    Some people think they’re creepy, which I’ve never understood. It’s nice to hear from other people who appreciate them!


  12. Wavatar ShoryoTombo Says:

    Beautiful dolls! I bet there is story behind each doll. Ever isolated each doll and do a one on one EVP session? That would be awesome if you can get responses.
    My mother has two victorian dolls made out of some strange materials. The next time I visit her, I will take photos and show you.


  13. Wavatar EVPClassABC Says:

    No I haven’t tried that. Maybe because I have too many ;-P but, I’d be more than happy to see your mom’s dolls. I can probably tell you what they are and I just love to look at them. Just ping me!


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